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Putting you in control of your business

Our data driven platform is designed to protect against fraud, maximise profits and give you valuable intelligence to help you succeed. We work with you to identify finance and purchasing painpoints and risks so we can deliver a powerful intelligent solution.

Approval flows

Invoice Fraud Protection

Businesses lose some $144 Billion in invoice fraud every year. Our secure invoice data extraction, intuitive approval flow and full spend matching give finance departments a complete solution to invoice fraud protection and intelligent finance management. Find out more about invoice fraud.

Fraud Protection

Business Intelligence

Powerful reporting harnessing the wealth of spend data we capture gives key insights into the running of the business and the health of its accounts. Catch fraudulent activities as they happen and identify problem areas within different departments, staff profiles and locations. More on Business Intelligence.

The intelligent way

The Intelligent Way

Having real time access to spend across the business not only ensures you prevent fraudulent activities but it also ensures you get the right rebates, work with the best suppliers and never pay more than you need to. 

We are spend control as a service

Integrating with all major finance systems including Xero, Quickbooks, Microsoft Dynamics, Sun, Sage and more, our platform can deliver exceptional speed-to-value.

Download our Invoice Fraud Ebook

Worried about invoice fraud? Our InstaSupply Insights "Guide to Invoice Fraud Safety" will highlight red flags to lookout for, the right action to take and practical advice on keeping your business fraud free. 

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