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What we do

Giving you full spend control for your business 

Spend control as a service

Here's how we keep you safe from invoice fraud and give you full control on spend:

Invoice management

Invoice fraud protection

Secure invoice data extraction, intuitive approval flows and full spend matching give finance departments a complete solution for invoice fraud protection and intelligent finance management. 

Invoice management
Spend tracking

Spend control

Tracking and controlling spend in real time allows you to make your money work for you and avoid supplier invoice fraud. Digital supplier management & sourcing and a dyamic electronic audit trail of purchases, approvals and deliveries give companies the transparency required to run a profitable business.

Spend tracking
Customer success

Customer success

We are in this with you. Once you’re on board, our customer success team will be by your side, every step of the way. From on-boarding through to using us everyday, the Intercom icon at the bottom of the screen is your lifeline.

Customer success
Catalogue management

Product control

Managing and fully controlling the products you purchase means you will always be able to get the best price and achieve your cost saving targets. It also prevents supplier and oursourcing fraud and our Supplier Scoring let's you be proactive in sourcing.

Catalogue management
Location management

Global management

Across locations, geographies and currencies. You are in control globally and able to gather real time data across all regions where you have a presence without worrying about conversions, time zones or operating systems.

Location management

Business intelligence

Our suite of BI solutions will give you indepth insights into the data we are tracking for you. Understanding patterns, trends and problem areas will help you allocate resources to the right place and take action in real time.


Company wide success

A varied workforce needs an intuitive and simple technology so everyone, across ages and levels can efficiently produce their best work.



What is spend control?

We define spend that is truly ‘under management’ as purchases that meet six criteria:

1. Made with suppliers that were properly sourced & managed

2. Made with proper purchase authorisation

3. Properly coded for both financial allocation and purchase category 

4. Paid with correct pricing & terms

5. Processed quickly & efficiently by everyone involved: employees throughout the business, procurement and accounts payable

6. Clearly visible to management at all times

The future 

Our vision is all about a global spend network. The shape of our platform and the features we create are influenced and improved by our customers every day, so join us and see what we can achieve together.