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Spend as a service

InstaSupply is the first B2B technology to work for suppliers as well as buyers. We want to add value to your business and help you work smarter, grow faster and be more profitable. Our cloud network is available on desktop, tablet and mobile so whether you’re in sales, finance or purchasing – we are here to add value. Here are the features you’ll benefit from when you join:

Invoice management

Invoice management

Invoice publishing made digital. You can publish all your invoices to the portal and track their progress on the client side. You can do this for all your clients to check when your invoices have been received, viewed, approved and queued for payment. 

Get paid faster

Get paid faster

Our live system tracks all purchasing activities. This means that any disputes across your customer base get flagged in real time, statements can be reconciled online and there’s no need to call up and chase. Full tracking on invoices and minimised errors mean you get paid quicker.

Supplier success

Supplier success

Our customer success team are here for you. All day, everyday. As soon as you log in you can ask them anything and they will work with you to ensure you’re making the most of the platform.

PO System

Digital POs

Our online POs mean you receive all orders in one place. Full catalogue and price management across clients as well as specific delivery and payment terms updates can be controlled with a few clicks. 

Location management

Location management

Our location management system gives you full view and control across multiple locations. Manage your clients and even your own suppliers across the world in one platform. Regardless of geography, currency or managing office.


Business Intelligence

Our suite of BI solutions will give you indepth insights into the data we are tracking for you. Understanding patterns, trends and problem areas will help you allocate resources to the right place and take action in real time.

Empowering your teams!

A varied workforce needs an intuitive and simple technology so everyone, across ages and levels can efficiently produce their best work.

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What does this mean for you?

InstaSupply is about working smarter, not harder. We make work life easier for everyone in sales, finance and purchasing. Your operating costs will also dramatically drop by streamlining processes.

Accessible on desktop, tablet and mobile, we empower people in every role, in every situation.

Join us today, for free!

The future

Our plan is a global spend network. We want to help businesses work smarter and be more successful. The shape of our platform and the features that we create are being influenced and improved by you every day, so join us and see what we can achieve together.